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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Kolbe Academy, a high school in the Diocese of Allentown supporting the educational needs of teens in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Kolbe Academy is part of a network of recovery high schools across the country and the FIRST faith-based recovery high in the nation! It can be scary and overwhelming for teens to go to residential treatment or begin the journey of recovery. One of the biggest challenges they face begins when they re-enter the school system. Kolbe Academy has been founded to assist these very students.

In August 2019, we welcomed our first students. In our short time of existence, we are building a school and creating a life-giving culture together. We take great pride in the personal care, compassion, accountability, and structure we show to each student.

Our mission is to provide individualized academic programs in a safe, compassionate Christ-centered school for high school students in recovery from substance addiction. Our faculty and administration have begun to create an environment that promotes life-long recovery and educational success. Kolbe Academy is a place where students can recover, succeed, and transform!

As we continue this recovery journey with our students and their families, an exciting educational experience awaits them. Kolbe Academy offers students an opportunity to grow academically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially by integrating the principles of recovery into daily education. Our school is committed to challenging academics, extra-curricular activities, retreat programs, community service opportunities and far-reaching counseling services in the therapeutic setting of Monocacy Manor on the pastoral 50-acre grounds of the School Sisters of St. Francis.

If you are looking for a high school that creates a culture of acceptance, support, and compassion and that offers a God-centered experience as you recover from addiction, Kolbe Academy might very well be the place for you. I invite you to learn more about Kolbe Academy. I am confident you will be impressed with what you see, hear, and feel.

In my time as Principal of Kolbe Academy, I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from so many – community partners, diocesan entities, families who are in recovery, friends who want to support the school, and many more. If you are considering joining us, you will have the opportunity to help make history by building the first faith-based recovery high school! I invite you to become a part of this incredible community of friends and supporters. We invite you to recover, succeed and transform with us at Kolbe Academy!

If anyone at Kolbe Academy can help you with something, please let us know.

With warm regards,

John P. Petruzzelli